Re: [linux-audio-dev] What to do ???

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-dev] What to do ???
From: Nicola Bernardini (
Date: su loka   04 1998 - 07:11:27 EDT

Dear all,

On Sat, 3 Oct 1998, Dave Phillips wrote:

> Since traffic on this list is currently a bit slow I thought I'd drop
> a few hints to anyone looking for something to do. The following is a
> list of software either already entered on the Linux soundapps page or
> software I'd just like to see there. Following each item is a brief
> description of what needs to be done, so if you're looking for a "quick
> and dirty" project to clean up or if you want to sink your chops into
> something juicy, perhaps you'll find something here:

I really would like to appreciate publicly Dave's work in pointing out
development areas that currently need work: I think it is very important
for all of us to keep track of sound developments on our beloved OS.

This said:

> Ein - This one is tough: Nicola Bernardini has got it far enough along
> that it will open, but it crashes immediately when a file is loaded.
> There may be other problems but we haven't got it far enough along to
> know what they are yet.

There are a couple of problems I can mention before anybody downloads
things; right now, Ein needs:

        a) the Viewkit library (you get binaries for free from
        b) the real Motif (alas, lesstif won't do - at least for now, the
           viewkit library has been compiled with motif headers, not lesstif,
           and they are not compatible)
        c) the tichstuff library

(there are probably some other things needed but I can't remember right now
and the axdev server is down so I can't access the info...)
Together with Mike Petersen we managed to compile and link with Motif
but the app still have many problems. I finally got Motif but now I won't
have time to look at it for another month and a half or so. I think the
problems that remain, though many, could be really trivial. If anybody
else wants to put their hands in the mud, I should mention that I have
set up a CVS repository for the linux version of ein which would allow us
to conveniently work on the code in many developers. To access the repository
anonymously, here are the instructions:

$ cvs -d '' login
<you get requested a password: 'guest' is the password)
$ cvs co ein # using cvs -z6 co ein will compress communication
$ cvs logout

(You'll need some c/s cvs like 1.10 or at least 1.9.28 which you can
find at
At this very moment axdev appears to be down: it's probably going back up
tomorrow morning. Please be patient.

> The NoTAM X Apps - These all need prepared for compiling under glibc
> systems. This project is a priority: libc6 is the current standard, and
> it breaks the current versions of these applications. I would hope that
> the codefixes are trivial, but I don't run a glibc system here yet.

we need somebody that sets up both libc5 and libc6 back to back so that
she/he can check that mods won't break under both system.

> If you can't find anything of interest to you here, then you could
> also check the following entries from the soundapps page: G-seq, Cantor,
> cmusic, WINE, X MIDI software, the Squeak/Smalltalk environment, ALSA,
> et cetera. There's certainly enough work to be done, yes ?

god yes. I would add: testing/debugging csound, which evolves very rapidly
and hardly gets tested thoroughly...


Nicola Bernardini
Re graphics: A picture is worth 10K words -- but only those to describe
the picture. Hardly any sets of 10K words can be adequately described
with pictures.

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