[linux-audio-dev] Re: Freebob-devices (was: OT -- USB History)

From: Christoph Eckert <ce@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Feb 18 2006 - 16:54:06 EET

Hi Pieter,

> I object ;)

OK, you earned a beer due to the fact that I didn't mention you :))) .

> I think that even when Daniel would stop, the project wouldn't die.
> And isn't this the main problem with all (starting) open-source
> projects?

Of course, but freebob is a bit special because when I buy an expensive
FA device I really depend on this project.


> If I make it to LAC this year, I'll bring along a setup that might
> even impress you more ;)

I'll be there for sure; join the conference and get a beer for free (see
above) ;-))) .

> Freebob works, it works lot better than last year. and it has a lot
> of new functionallity.
> I think the current code is very (u)s(t)able, although I don't know
> what the people actually using it think ;)

As I'm a hobbyist I can live with some instabilities and workarounds.


> I can confirm that this works. I can confirm that a 18 in / 18 out
> device composed of two terratec phase88's works ;)

The Phase 88 seems to exactly fit my needs, it would be the right
companion in my rack. OK, I'll start saving money to get one ;-) .

> At this point only JACK is supported, not ALSA.

Not a true limitation, because I always use JACK.

What about the MIDI ports: I guess I couldn't use it currently (not a
true limitation for me)?

> But I'm planning to
> implement ALSA support after my skiing trip this week.

Have fun & enjoy.

Thanks for the thoughts & best regards,

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