Re: [linux-audio-dev] Re: Which widgets?

From: Albert Graef <>
Date: Sun Feb 26 2006 - 02:17:45 EET

cdr wrote:
> since this thread is so GTK+-centric i'll chime in and say ive found nothing i like for easily creating customized/flexible GUIs more than Tcl/Tk [...]

Not to forget there's also Gnocl which lets you program Gnome and GTK+
applications in Tcl:

I've actually written a GUI builder for that which makes it possible to
click together simple Gnocl GUIs in a matter of minutes. (Currently the
builder only generates Q code, see below, but tacking on a Tcl backend
to it shouldn't be a big deal.)

I'm not sure how well Tcl integrates with MIDI, OSC and digital audio,
though. So, if you want/need to write the rest of the program in C then
Tcl might not be that helpful, unless you're willing to fiddle around
with SWIG ( or Tcl's C interface.

Shameless plug: Those interested in scripting languages might also
consider Q ( which already has interfaces to
PortAudio, libsndfile, libsamplerate, Faust, MidiShare, SuperCollider,
OpenGL/OpenAL, Tcl/Tk/Gnocl and whatnot. This has the added benefit that
it's a functional language which makes it easy to deal with complex data
structures and symbolic processing. I'm currently doing the final
touches for the Q 7.0 release which also has full unicode support and
comes with the GUI builder I mentioned above. Scheduled to be released
Real Soon Now -- surely in time for LAC06. ;-)

> once going beyond sortable lists and selectorboxes, youre going to end up with some kind of canvas

Yes, having a good canvas widget certainly helps, and Tk has a nice one.
The one in Gnocl provides a similar interface while it is based on GNOME
Canvas. (Looks like GNOME Canvas isn't liked very much by some, but I
found it to be quite usable, at least in its Gnocl incarnation.)


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