Re: [linux-audio-dev] Re: Portable C++ MIDI libraries review

From: Albert Graef <>
Date: Sun Feb 26 2006 - 21:50:32 EET

Carlo Capocasa wrote:
> Oh so MidiShare is NOT an entire operating system geared at shoving
> around MIDI notes? I kind of thought that was awfully specialized.

No, it's a library for processing MIDI which offers some very nice and
unique features, such as a kind of (cross-application) virtual loopbacks
built into the design of the library. It is true that it is not as
straightforward to build and install (at least on Linux) since its
internals are implemented as a kernel module. But it has very accurate
timing and provides a well thought-out abstraction layer. It's been
ported to a lot of platforms. It's also very mature and well-documented.
It's definitely worth taking a look at.

Dr. Albert Gr"af
Dept. of Music-Informatics, University of Mainz, Germany
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