[LAD] Nekosynth, GPL, and commercial and non-commercial use.

From: Gordon JC Pearce <gordonjcp@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Thu Jan 31 2008 - 16:42:56 EET

Just to clear up a few recent misunderstandings that have been aired on the
list, I'd like to clarify my position on the various nekosynth plugins (that
is, nekobee, nekostring, nekoplunk, the organ, and the as-yet unreleased and
waaay unfinished Hera plugin):

You may use these plugins in accordance with the GPL for any purpose. If you
want to produce a piece of commercial hardware that utilises a version of my
plugins, that's fine - but I'd like you to send me some demo hardware. Toys
are good, and you can be sure that your hardware will always be supported by
the freshest versions of the software.

You may use these plugins on any recording, commercial or non-commercial. If
you make a shitload of money from a record where you use one of my plugins,
I'd like it if you mention me on your website or maybe somewhere in the
sleeve notes. If you could see your way clear to providing a short demo (30
seconds or so) that would be really great, and will earn you the right to ask
for special custom versions.

You may sell copies of the software, as long as this complies with the GPL.
In general, include the source if you've modified it, and leave my copyright
message in. Simple, eh?

On the subject of selling software, I'd like to offer the following range of

For 5/6.75EUR/US$10 you can get all the nekosynth plugins, in their current
state, on a CD. Not only that, but I'll throw in the full Subversion dump,
all tagged-stable tarballs (even from before I was using svn), and the demo

For 25/33EUR/$50, you can get the nekosynth Producer Pack, which comes with
some drum loops and six cans of McEwans Export.

For 50/66EUR/$100, you get nekosynth Studio Edition, which comes with the
drum loops, 12 cans of Deuchars IPA, and some random electronic components I
hoovered up off the floor in my studio.

For 750/1000EUR/(not applicable in US markets) you can get nekosynth Super
Mega Fun Box edition, which comes with the drum loops, a Cheetah Telecaster
copy, and a 1993 Ford Escort with six month's tax and a year's MOT (but no
beer, because we can't possibly encourage drink-driving).

Finally, for the true enthusiast, you can order the nekosynth Ultimate Eternal
Natural Beauty edition, for the low, low price of 36,000 (not available
outside UK). This has the full source tree, CNC-milled onto 8'x4' slabs of
natural Ballachulish slate, packaged in mahogany presentation cases, and a
free Leyland Roadrunner 7.5 tonne truck to ensure that you can take your copy
of the source code with you wherever you go!

Now you can't say any fairer than that, can you?

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