Re: [linux-audio-user] Creative audixy

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Creative audixy
From: Guenther Sohler (
Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 12:32:05 EET

where can i find the alsa development list ?

On 04-Feb-02 Chuck Busby wrote:
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> You may want to join the alsa-devel mailing list. In the past few days
> Takashi Iwai has been making changes to the emu10k1 part of the alsa drivers
> and these changes are available on the cvs version. If you are willing to
> test, it looks like they need a volunteer. The last status had many things
> implemented but not tested. I recommend joining the list and volunteering.
> On Sunday 03 February 2002 10:10 pm, Guenther Sohler wrote:
>> Hallo Robert,
>> thank you very much for your information.
>> I believe we will make my card running in linux quite soon.
>> It seems, that my creative audixy has an emu10k1 chip and yes, there is a
>> linux sound object named emu10k1.o with my kernel.
>> But they seem somehow to be incompatible. the kernel's one does not find my
>> audixy. the source from sourceforge somehow seems to be advanced.
>> When load it, i see in sndstat and in the emu10k1 source that it provides
>> dsp mixer and midi devices, but no synth devices. when i load emu10k1 i
>> first have to load ac97_codec
>> i tested dsp. it works fine.
>> when i want to play midi, i type playmidi -a midifile.mid.
>> The program does not show any error, but there is no sound at all.
>> Is emu10k1 meant to be used with AWE ? or does emu10k1 provide wavetable
>> with its own ?
>> awe_wave will not load, befcause it won't load because it does not find an
>> awe64 card. I cannot patch/rewrite awe_wave.c because its too difficult for
>> me to rewrite from an isa card to a pci card.
>> i cannot rewrite sfxload because it operates on the proper synth
>> device(audixy) but there are no synth devices registered in my system.
>> My goal is to play midi files with the wavetable of the audixy card. how
>> can i achieve this ?
>> rds guenther
>> > I can't recall the start of this thread, but if you've installed the
>> > OSS/Free drivers (which should already be available with your kernel).
>> > You can't use soundfonts, not supported yet (forever it seems).
>> >
>> > If you have installed alsa on the otherhand, things should work just
>> > fine. You do however need all the oss compatibility modules loaded, look
>> > at the end of the README or INSTALL document for some good examples of
>> > what should be added to your modules.conf file.
>> >
>> > you could also try to (as root) do: modprobe snd-seq-oss
>> > which (i think) should load the necessary modules automagically.
>> >
>> > when the drivers are correctly set up, sfxload <soundfont>
>> > Is the correct command for loading fonts, should work without any
>> > special tweaking.
>> >
>> > /Robert
>> >
>> > Guenther Sohler wrote:
>> >>Hallo Group,
>> >>
>> >>Now I manged to compile the emu10k1 driver for linux.
>> >>So I was able to play audio through dsp.
>> >>Then I tried to play midi.
>> >>The programs wer runnning fine but i did not hear anything.
>> >>I suppose because there are no soundfonts loaded.
>> >>How can I load soundfonts, a have a sf2 file but sfx load does not work
>> >>because
>> >>it does not find the awe64 card!
>> >>
>> >>rds Guenther
>> Guenther Sohler
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Guenther Sohler

NewLogic Technologies AG
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                                           Phone: +43-5577-62000-507
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