Re: [linux-audio-user] audio workstation

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] audio workstation
From: Patrick Shirkey (
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 16:25:22 EET

--- matt yee-king <> wrote:
>On Tue, 2002-03-12 at 18:06, root wrote:
>> Laptop cannot have muctichannel PCI cards
>i'm saving up for a hammerfall dsp. (multicahnnel pc card for laptops)
>> It can take only via USB or Fire
>> Wire.
>not so bad... and anyway, don't some pc latops have loads of ports on
>> To be honest, real editing is better via 15" monitor.

If you are prepared to risk the ravages of airline luggage handlers then you can get a couple of 30" TFT monitors and have them installed in a larger portable suitcase.

>nah - its better on a 15.2 inch crystal clear mac lcd like on my
>laptop. in the garden. under a parasol. with no cables. :)

Once or twice a year and for one and a half hours before you have to plug it back in again ;)

Most people will be using these machines somewhere near to a large power supply.

A mac notebook (probably the most advanced notebook manufacturer) is fine if you have a spare US$5000-7000 to spend on those machines and don't mind having only one HDD. For the amount of money you spend on a mac product you can get a lot more power out of a linux pc. The latest 7200rpm HDD drives are 120GB. That's upto 480GB of HDD space. Add to that a Geforce4 vga card and a scsi cdrw with a couple of 18GB scsi HDDs for hard core (>24 track) recording and you're starting to get close to the same price as the latest and greatest from mac. to top it off Notebooks are nowhere near as upgradable as PCs.

These machines are designed to meet the needs of professional musicians who are on the move, who don't have excessive amounts of money to spend on a Notebook computer or would rather spend that money on newer more powerful technology, musical equipment, studio time, advertising, accomadation. These same people quite possibly don't have the time or inclination to learn how to get Linux working so are prepared to pay Boost Hardware to do it for them.

It's a niche market. The main point is that these machines are a lot cheaper and more powerful than a notebook.

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