Re: [linux-audio-user] snd,DPhillips .scms on yellowdog 2.2

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] snd,DPhillips .scms on yellowdog 2.2
From: Dave Phillips (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 15:29:20 EEST

kcross wrote:

> Has anyone got Bill Schottstaedt's 'snd' working on YDL2.1 or 2.2 using
> openmotif or motif(not lesstif and gtk+),ladspa and dlp's various .scms for
> customising 'snd'.

Are you trying to run it on a PPC ?

> Every time I try to load any scms,or indeed the 'misc.scm'
> with,for example:
> # snd -l "/root/snd-5/contrib/dlp/fft-menu.scm"
> or # snd (load "/root/snd-5/contrib/fft-menu.scm"),
> I get the following error msg:
> [18:50:21] Unbound variable: squelch-vowels
> ; (load "/snd-5/contrib/dlp/fft-menu")
> (while loading "/snd-5/contrib/dlp/fft-menu.scm")

Ah, at last a new error ! ;)

Hmm, I'm not sure what the problem might be. Have you tried commenting
out the relevant code in fft-menu.scm ? See what happens when you do
> On another issue,the only way I can get 'snd' to work is --with-gtk.
> I installed 'snd' --with-ladspa but,understandably,it didn't work and I'd
> like to know if it's possible to load plugins using the 'plugins-menu.scm'.

Did you compile Snd yourself ? If so, the --with-ladspa configuration
flag won't work if you don't already have LADSPA and its plugin sets
installed beforehand.

Alas, I've done nothing to accomodate the GTK build so I can't say much
about it (other than that I prefer the Motif build anyway). AFAIK none
of my widget work has gone into the GTK stuff yet, and I probably won't
do it (too many other commitments).

LADSPA plugins can be dynamically loaded into Snd via the Listener, but
you won't get any auto-generated GUI. The LADSPA plugins I've prepared
for Snd are all hard-coded into their widgets. Yes, that's very
inefficient, and no, I am not a programmer. If someone with real skills
would like to undertake the task I'd gladly defer...
> I've got the basic 'snd' working.All the amp,speed,expand,contrast and reverb
> etc work O.K. Just can't seem to customise. I'm wondering if it's got
> anything to do with '--with-static-xm' which I can't use to compile 'snd' on
> my YDL2.2 (PB pismo) is a module that contains all the graphics routines for the
widgets, so yes, you need it if you want the fancy GUI stuff. I have no
idea whether it will compile and/or run under LinuxPPC.
> I DON'T HAVE A SOUND CARD.Is this the problem? On a mac it isn't so
> much(well kind of).
> nb- is there an equivalent to 'QuickTime Musical Instruments' so that I can
> play midi files without a sound card? 'Timidity' works but no sound...

What sound driver are you using ? If ALSA you may only need to adjust
the volume. OTOH you should also have a GUS patch set installed in a
path recognized by TiMidity else you'll get no sound


Best regards,

== Dave Phillips

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