Re: [linux-audio-user] usb midi interface-recommendations?

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] usb midi interface-recommendations?
From: Joseph Zitt (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 05:18:58 EEST

On Mon, Jun 03, 2002 at 03:15:22PM +0900, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> Did you see that Takashi Iwai has released the usb-audio driver for
> alsa? You should try setting up with that if you have time.

OK, so after finally remembering how to get USB-audio working on my
laptop (the secret: I have to cold-boot *first* into Windows and *then*
warm-boot into Linux; the reason remains a mystery), I tried installing
the usb-midi stuff.

Following the directions in the README for RedHat installations (yes,
I'm running RedHat with RPMs; no, I'm not going to change, since it's
working for me far better in most ways than Debian or Mandrake did),
I entered "make -f Makefile.Redhat install" and got the following:

/usr/bin/gcc -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -O -DREDHAT240FIX=0 -I/usr/src/linux/drivers -I/usr/src/linux/include -m486 -malign-loops=2 -malign-jumps=2 -malign-functions=2 -c -o usb-midi.o usb-midi.c

Build of usb-midi.o succeeded!

Kernel Symbols:
*** __pollwait_Rsmp_4c541ea9 NOT Found ***
*** __wake_up_Rsmp_127fda83 NOT Found ***
*** add_wait_queue_Rsmp_2fd0ca84 NOT Found ***
*** interruptible_sleep_on_timeout_Rsmp_5a57b6ef NOT Found ***
*** kfree_Rsmp_037a0cba NOT Found ***
*** kmalloc_Rsmp_93d4cfe6 NOT Found ***
*** printk_Rsmp_1b7d4074 NOT Found ***
*** register_sound_midi_Rsmp_a8d2cdde NOT Found ***
*** remove_wait_queue_Rsmp_ca8842ea NOT Found ***
*** schedule_Rsmp_4292364c NOT Found ***
*** unregister_sound_midi_Rsmp_fdab6de3 NOT Found ***
*** usb_alloc_urb_Rsmp_3d8d09b2 NOT Found ***
*** usb_deregister_Rsmp_97b1ac08 NOT Found ***
*** usb_free_urb_Rsmp_d5ed8161 NOT Found ***
*** usb_get_descriptor_Rsmp_0ae3bdb4 NOT Found ***
*** usb_get_string_Rsmp_352fb883 NOT Found ***
*** usb_register_Rsmp_253d22f2 NOT Found ***
*** usb_set_configuration_Rsmp_6fc55b24 NOT Found ***
*** usb_set_interface_Rsmp_1554f806 NOT Found ***
*** usb_string_Rsmp_c234df23 NOT Found ***
*** usb_submit_urb_Rsmp_a41ef77e NOT Found ***
*** usb_unlink_urb_Rsmp_6996a416 NOT Found ***

Anyone have a suggestion as to what happened and what to do next?

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