[linux-audio-user] Re: [linux-audio-announce] ALSA Hammerfall DSP driver

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Subject: [linux-audio-user] Re: [linux-audio-announce] ALSA Hammerfall DSP driver
From: D. Sen (dsen_AT_homemail.com)
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 00:39:23 EEST

Before I fork out the money for this, has anyone had any success with
the cardbus PCMCIA interface for the RME Hammerfall devices on a linux

Paul Davis wrote:
> I'm pleased to announce that ALSA now has support for the Hammerfall
> DSP audio interface. Details of the Hammerfall DSP are available at
> RME's website (www.rme-audio.com). The driver supports:
> * all sample rates
> * both MIDI ports
> * "simple mixer" controls to allow alsamixer to control
> each playback stream's volume. Remember: as usual
> with ALSA, the initial state is "all output muted".
> * peak meters for input, output and playback, with serial
> clipping counters.
> * a non-standard control element for the matrix mixer (this
> may change; do not plan long term application support
> around it)
> Things that are not tested but should work:
> * big-endian systems
> * multiface i/o box
> * cardbus interface
> * different sample clock sync sources
> Things that don't work:
> * RMS meters
> * Flashing the firmware into the I/O box
> The driver is similar in some ways the Hammerfall driver. Most
> notably, it requires large chunks of physically contiguous
> memory. This is best provided for by loading the snd-hammerfall-mem
> module early during booting, which provides memory for both Hammerfall
> and Hammerfall DSP drivers. The module has a snd-enable option which
> takes a comma-separated list of 0's or 1's indicating whether or not
> to allocate memory for the n'th Hammerfall or Hammerfall DSP
> device. If you have only once such device, then snd-enable=1 will be
> sufficient. The module checks for installed devices, so you can always
> insert the module and the right thing will happen even if you have
> removed your Hammerfall/Hammerfall DSP cards.
> I am sure there will be minor glitches along the way. I would really
> appreciate feedback from anyone with an H-DSP (marcus - that means
> you! :)
> A huge thank you to RME for the foresight and sense to make available
> sufficient information to make this driver possible.
> --p
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