Re: [linux-audio-user] Beat-matching in GDAM - help quick!

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Beat-matching in GDAM - help quick!
From: Lance Blisters (
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 00:30:41 EEST

> > Man. I was looking too, while playing around with GDAM. I couldn't find
> > it easily either, maybe it should be mentioned more prominently ;)
> Couldn't hurt.
> Also, there are a number of places in the docs (e.g. in the FAQ)
> that refer to things
> like "doc/beatmatching.txt" which are very hard to find.
> There's no such files in the doc/ directory of the distribution;
> somebody on #lad pointed out that there IS a file beatmatching.html
> on the website.

  The docs are not nearly as useful as they could. There is very
  thorough coverage of every feature which is two years old, but
  in a dry reference format. There is one tutorial (on using the
  beat calculator) which is very helpful, but it is unlikely anyone'll
  find it buried in the docs.

  I'd like to organize an effort to update and improve the docs,
  if anyone wants to help, contact me.

> > Man. I'm impressed too, I had much fun playing around with it at home.
> > Now I want to DJ :-)

  Thanks for the kind words, guys.

> It's fun. Time goes very fast while doing it... I had no idea I'd
> been going for as long as I had. But it was about 4:30 in the morning
> and people were starting to pass out on the couches so I cut
> back on the drill'n'bass and switched over to ambient. :)

  drill'n'bass eh?

  Paul, you're in brooklyn? You should check out
  "Share" a little weekly
  event I host in manhattan. Share is an open jam
  for video artists, laptop musicians and digital dj's.

> > What's with the purple, though? I was raving about it in #gstreamer on
> > friday, and people couldn't get past the colors ;)
> I think you can customize all that. check out .gdam/default.rc ...
> I don't really grok the format but I think it would become
> clear after playing with it a bit.

  Purple? I always thought it was blue :) I'm quite
  fond of the bold color scheme, grey and "chromed" gui's
  never quite pleased me.

  the default.rc file will customize colors for the text-based
  skins, but the graphical turntable skins are pixmap-based and
  the colors are fixed.


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