Re: [linux-audio-user] Anyone heard rumors about ProTools??

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Anyone heard rumors about ProTools??
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 18:12:11 EEST

The reason I come here is not because there are no commercial linux audio
software available, otherwise I would be using Winblows. I come here to
see all the alternatives and become a part (no matter how insignificant)
of a very creative cummunity.

I would buy ProTools but would dump it as soon as an opensource product is
available, because that would be my software, I could do whatever I want
with it and wouldnt have worry about the future. I did buy oss drivers
for all my soundcards but I dont see any reason to use oss any more. If I
dont like something I could change it. And learn.

And ofcourse where would I get a chance to talk to coll people like you.

On Tue, 25 Jun 2002, Dave Phillips wrote:

> wrote:
> > One of my recording engineer friends told me that there is a rumor that
> > ProTools is being ported to Linux along with the OS-X port. Anyone knows
> > anything about it.
> >
> > If it is true it will fill a huge gap in linux multimedia. I will rush to buy it.
> <ramble>
> This sort of thing always starts me thinking... Let's say Pro Tools for
> Linux was available next week: How many readers on this list will go out
> immediately and purchase it (assuming you have the required hardware)
> ?... Now, how many buyers give a rat's *ss about whether PT is open
> source, or if PT Inc. intends to assist the communities of Linux and
> Linux audio developers ? We all "want to get ssome work done", and
> there's no doubt that PT for Linux would be a very attractive package.
> Still, I start wondering about how quickly our fragile community might
> fragment as a result of high-profile commercial audio applications
> becoming available for Linux. Would Paul Davis still have reason to
> write Ardour ? Would Werner Schweer continue writing MusE if Cubase was
> readily available for Linux ? On one hand, I should think (hope) the
> answer would be "Yes!" in both instances, primarily for the satisfaction
> of having high-quality open-source free (libre) music and sound software
> written natively for Linux. OTOH audio software users who rather despise
> Microsoft would finally be able to abandon the company's last hold on
> them, namely the availability of that high-profile commercial audio
> software written specifically for Windows.
> What do other readers here think about this scenario ? I'm far from a
> final point of view: I'm not so welded to the aims of the FSF as Richard
> Stallman, but I would much rather have high-quality open-source Linux
> audio software. OTOH I have to admit that I'd be very tempted by an
> off-the-shelf PT for Linux. I suspect this rumor is just that: a rumor,
> but an interesting one. So what do you think about it ?
> </ramble>
> Best regards,
> == Dave Phillips
> The Book Of Linux Music & Sound at
> The Linux Soundapps Site at

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