Re: [linux-audio-user] A Newbie's New System?

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] A Newbie's New System?
From: Patrick Shirkey (
Date: Sun Sep 15 2002 - 00:04:52 EEST

Scott Downie wrote:
> After 17 years of making music on Apple-brand computers, I'm finally
> fed up with the state of affairs in the Mac and Windows worlds and
> want to migrate to Linux. Unless there is some major issue with it, I
> think I'd like to use the Debian distribution, particularly since the
> DeMuDi developments are on the horizon.
> Even though I've got a number of old computers taking up space, I
> figure I might as well start with a clean slate. So I'm asking what
> kind of hardware would be best for a respectable Linux music setup? Is
> the Hammermill audio card the best option? Do I need a separate MIDI
> card or can I run everything through some USB interface(s)? From the
> limited amount I've read, it seems as if the motherboard should be
> Intel-based, rather than AMD. I don't care about video. I'm only
> concerned with maximizing audio processing power.

Many people use amd to great effect. If you buy the hammerfall you
shouldn't need any other cards. If you don't the delta 10/10 also has
good user feedback.

I have usb quattro and have only just been able to get full nodropouts
playback running through JACK. There are also problems with the midi
interface driver at the moment. Unless you don't mind debugging, a USB
card may not be what you are looking for for a few more months yet.

> I'd like to piece together a system (not including monitor) for less
> than $1000 (USD). I can get and assemble any set of pieces, no
> problem. I just want to get pieces that can work together
> harmoniously. This will be a dedicated Linux machine--no more
> dual-boot crap for me!

Is that including the soundcard? The hammerfall dsp retails for around
6-800 us$. How many channels do you need?

The midiman 24/96 has a good rep too.

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