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Subject: RE: [linux-audio-user] [Fwd: Re: [ardour-dev] Ardour, IRQs and xruns]
From: Mark Knecht (
Date: Tue Sep 24 2002 - 20:15:42 EEST

   On most machines with onboard USB, the USB IRQ is shared with one or more
PCI slots. If this is true on your machine, then you would find the PCI
devices that share that IRQ and set those slots to the IRQ you want. The USB
will tag along.

   If you find no PCI devices sharing an IRQ, then try setting the IRQ for
the slots that have no PCI devices at this time.

   If none of that works, then you may not be able to change the USB
controller's IRQ. This is the case for someone else trying to run alsa apps
on a laptop with an onboard audio chip. We have not been able to change his
audio chip's IRQ no matter what.

   I hope that's not your situation. We can't get rid of his xruns yet.


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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] [Fwd: Re: [ardour-dev] Ardour, IRQs and

I have found that on my second computer which I am designing to be a
dual cd DJ machine, the usb irq are set at 4. I have checked in the bios
and there is no way to set the usb irqs (although I can for the pci
slots , bah)

Does anyone have ideas on how to do that internally?


BTW I have had good success using alsaplayer and the cdda interface
while playing two cds at the same time. I had to put each on it's own
ide cable. One as primary slave to the hdd and one as secondary master.

I can now play two cds at the same time and load any file off my hdd too
without dropouts. I'm pretty stoked about that. Now all I need is a dj
mixing console which can cue to headphone out and I am set.

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