Re: [linux-audio-user] scheduling and playback automation

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] scheduling and playback automation
From: Patrick Shirkey (
Date: Sat Nov 23 2002 - 01:09:38 EET

Richard Green wrote:
> I am new(ish) to this list so hello, been listen for a week or so.
> I am looking for a the type of software I found in at
> for scheduling and automation of radio shows. There are a few options in
> the Windows category, but I have found nothing for Linux, and nothing GPLd.
> I am hoping that such software would be useful for running a stage
> productions audio sound effects, with the sound operatator reading the
> cues from an on-screen running sheet, and triggering the associated sound.
> He's the part I need most: If, becuase of the timings of cues, the
> asssociated sounds overlap, they should be mixed together and played
> back though the same output device. Audio samples would be fairly well
> prepared, but a simple way to set the overall playback level of an
> individual same would be ideal. Timing accuracy is not enormously
> important, so ability to work with a low latancy kernel is not
> necessarily a requirement.
> Do you know if such an thing exists for Linux?

Ardour has support for a certain amount of automation. It is not a
simple task to install but these days it's a lot easier than it used to be.

Paul Davis who runs the project is in the final bug clearing stage
before a stable release is made so if you are in the position to test
and help out then you will see some positive results.

Otherwise I don't know of other apps that provide the level of
automation you are looking for except maybe rtmix (or an extension to it
I can never remember) by Ivica Bucvic. That app is neat but you may need
to have some background in scripting to get the most out of it.

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