Re: [linux-audio-user] Any MIDI apps that don't suck?

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Any MIDI apps that don't suck?
From: Brian Redfern (
Date: Sun Dec 01 2002 - 10:47:54 EET

Jazz++ is a really stable and easy to use sequencer. Muse has way more
features, and better note resolution, but is harder to install.

On Sat, 30 Nov 2002, Silvan wrote:

> I want to do some recordings for my grandmother. Christmas music. I want to
> take a bunch of MIDI files, re-arrange them, add little intros to count me
> in, then play the melody line while my synth does the accompaniment.
> I could have gotten all of them done days ago on Windows, using my trusty
> 10-year-old version of Cakewalk in conjunction with Noteworthy Composer. I
> need to arrange the parts for playing, and print a score to play my part from
> on my flute. None of the MIDI files I have are suitable off the shelf, and
> arranging new versions from scratch is even more time consuming. Either way,
> I have to play with this a bit to get where I want to be.
> I'm trying to get away from Windows. Cakewalk doesn't run under Wine, and
> Noteworthy Composer is useless, because Wine (or X) doesn't let it have its
> dedicated font. I don't _have_ Windows, and can't really re-install it, so
> I'm finally having to suck it up and figure out how to do this from Linux.
> Can someone point me at something I've missed? So far the most promising
> things I've played with, and my experiences with them are:
> NoteEdit: editing sucks because block functionality is really crude.
> Printing music is tedious, since I can't just hit the print button. I have
> to export to lilypond format and fiddle with it from there.
> Anthem: editing is not possible. I don't see a way to get into a notation or
> matrix mode to alter the MIDI data. It crashes frequently anyway, so I
> haven't really dug into it deeply.
> Rosegarden: MIDI is still broken. I compiled the CVS yesterday, and it's
> working better, but it's still dropping notes at random and having other
> unacceptable problems. It looks most suitable overall, but it can't
> accurately record or play back MIDI, and the developers seem to have the
> attitude that MIDI is something that's not particularly important to them.
> It's looking like my most reasonable chance of success at this point is to
> hand edit some Lilypond stuff and go from there. That seems like an enormous
> PITA for what should be a simple project.
> Why, with all the projects out there, is there nothing that can even remotely
> approach the functionality of an ancient WIN16 version of Cakewalk?
> Is it just me, or does the available software for this kind of stuff really
> seriously suck?
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