Re: [linux-audio-user] Acid for Linux ?

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Acid for Linux ?
From: Mark Knecht (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 07:40:54 EET

On Sun, 2002-12-08 at 18:44, Patrick Shirkey wrote:
> Mark Knecht wrote:
> > Patrick,
> > Most of the time I agree a lot with your points of view, but this
> > time I really don't. I see no reason to force people into a U*ix
> > paradigm,
> No, But this is un*x. If you don't appreciate it then why are you here?

Oh, real men don't run GUI's?! ;-)
> > nor do I see the need to be insistent that Linux audio apps
> > act differently that Windows
> Not un*x
> >or Mac apps
> un*x
> > that do a great job at what
> > they are intended to do.In this case Acid is one of those apps, and I
> > think at this time the answer is 'No, we do not yet have a native Linux
> > app that works that way.
> >
> But we have a few that provide similar functionality.

No, we do not. I haven't seen anything (yet) that provides a similar
paradigm to the way Acid works with wave files. (And I do run Acid.)
(2.0, 3.0 & 4.0)

The Acid paradigm is that a track holds just a single wave file. Usually
that wave file is only 1-2 measures, but it can be more. It can be cut
to less within the track. There are an unlimited number of tracks.There
is a tempo for the overall piece. When you paint the wave file in, it
just paints in whatever part of the wave file you want at that point in
the track.One wave file is some drum beats, one is some keyboard riff,
another is some vocal bit. You just paint them in where you want them.
If you know what you want, and if you have the sample library, you get a
full blown song in about 10 minutes.

I have not seen (yet) anything in the Linux area that does this at this

That said, I completely disagree with the comments above about Unix vs.
whatever. Ardour _could_ implement this model. Rosegarden _could_
implement this model. Sweep _could_ implement this model. Muse _could_
implement this model.

Apps are apps. Platforms are platforms. No need to mix them up. No need
to be bigoted about them either. They're just tools.
> > Acid is a great app. I've done songs in it. It's amazingly simple,
> > straight forward as long as all you are doing is manipulating the timing
> > of samples, and really pretty easy to get from start to finish. I see
> > nothing wrong with those qualities.
> >
> Nope but we have a few ways of doing that in Linux already if you look
> at things from a different angle.
> > In fact, if the developers of Acid DID port it to Linux, then it
> > would be a Linux app, and that would break your model stating he should
> > get used to a new mindset.
> I'll probably be dead before that happens. But you never know ;)
> > While I have nothing against new mindsets, I
> > don't think that they are always required. There's nothing wrong with
> > Linux apps following a successful model and making apps that are easy
> > for people to use either!
> >
> But there is if people refuse to use the software that has already been
> provided. I see no reason to make a new app when we have others that
> fulfill very similar functionality.

No need, but an opportunity. Different people work different ways. Just
because software has been provided is no requirement that people use it.
Let's not confuse what's important. We're here to make music. If someone
wants a new app, and has the talent to develop it, I would guess it will
appear here. That's what makes this place fun.

> Also sweep is getting very very cool these days. Conrad is being paid to
> work on multitrack support (among other things) to rock the sure shot.
> IIRC, he has mentioned before that ACID is one of his favorite apps too.
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