Re: [linux-audio-user] Acid for Linux ?

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Acid for Linux ?
From: Brian Redfern (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 21:04:28 EET

I think ardour is really getting closest to an acid clode, I used to use
acid and came up with some very nice tunes a few years ago, so I know the
interface well, terminatorX had some of its features, but it a loop
player, while Acid lets you paint loops in with a little brush. If you
really want to see that functionality, send Paul Davis a generous donation
so he can keep working on ardour! tX does have automated beatmatching
capability and can alter both tempo and pitch, it really has some features
that Acid lacks, but its really for playing back loops or tracks and
scratching/djing, rather than sequencing loops and sample hits. For me, I
thought that acid is a little too easy, I like actually writing the music
note by note, rather than relying on other people's loops, but for quite
some time I have just been using lots of outboard synths and just used
linux to record and master cd's. I'm finally getting muse to work and am
looking at going "all linux", or just using iiwu and soundfonts, using
muse to track and using jack/ardour to record, edit and master. Of course
using outboard gear is easier, I can make up complete tracks with my korg
electribe M in mere minutes, but at the same time my tracks will sound
similar to all the other electribe based tracks being made, while with
linux, muse, csound, ladspa, and ardour there's the oppurtunity to create
a more unique, signature sound.

On Mon, 9 Dec 2002, Patrick Shirkey wrote:

> Gerasimos Grammatikopoulos wrote:
> > If someone told me "hey, what do you expect? there is only a given number of
> > open source programmers familiar with the specific pains of music apps. Now
> > either contribute or shut up" I'd have to agree with him. But saying that
> > music apps in linux/Unix _must_ be tougher to use than their
> counterparts in
> > other OSes is IMHO simply wrong.
> >
> I didn't.
> AFAICT using alsaplayer with some effects almost achieves the same
> results as acid. But I have never used ACID so I can't qualify that.
> When I add the ability to set loop points then alsaplayer should be very
> close.
> There is also TerminatorX which achieves very similar results.
> And another is spiral loops.
> What is hard about these apps?
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