yes! solution! Re: [linux-audio-user] usb audio still foobar :-(

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Subject: yes! solution! Re: [linux-audio-user] usb audio still foobar :-(
From: iriXx (
Date: Sun Dec 15 2002 - 21:06:21 EET

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kevin ernste wrote:
|>ahhh thanks kevin... yes that would make perfect
|>sense, i noticed that
|>mandrake was using 0.9.rc2 and naively assumed that
|>i'd manage to
|>upgrade it if i installed 0.9.rc5 from source
| Ah yes. RPM or tarball??

im using tarballs from the alsa-project site... hope to move on to CVS
once the recording problems with usb are solved...

| The kernel modules are
| built as modules with the kernel, no RPM, but the libs
| are installed separately in /usr/lib. I think the
| tarballs, however, install the libs, etc in /usr/local
| (you can correct me here), thus the potential for
| conflict.

ok... i've removed the modules manually from the place you suggested...
| As to resolutions, here are some ideas.
| 1. Uninstall the rc5 stuff (is their a make distclean
| or make uninstall in the ALSA packages?),

yes, there's make uninstall and make clean :)

| and install
| the libs-devel and utils as I suggested before urpmi).

ok have done... it seems i have a later version of libs-devel but thats
okay i assume....

| In that case, you should only need to edit your
| modules.conf, which I can help with if you go this
| route.

okay.... i have done so and it seems to be working... yes!!!!
this seems to suggest that the devfs stuff which i got from mr. d r
holsbeck worked great :) (it was his solution for his debian system,
pasted into my modules.conf)...

| The ./snddevices question is another problem. I'm
| afraid I don't know enough about it to help. Perhaps
| someone else has an answer...

turns out it doesnt matter as long as i reinstall alsa from tarball and
then *dont* do ./snddevices.... the earlier run of it doesnt seem to
have affected things negatively.....

|># card 1
| I don't see where you have specified a module for
| card-0, is this not all of your modules.conf??

oops. i think i mean card 0 in that comment rather than card 1!!!

thanks HEAPS for your help!
now i can enjoy watching the DVD i bought of The Matrix... uhhhh and do
some music work too ;-)


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