[linux-audio-user] Ecamegapedal - please help!

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Subject: [linux-audio-user] Ecamegapedal - please help!
From: felipe (filippo_AT_email.it)
Date: Wed Dec 18 2002 - 01:47:01 EET

Hi everybody

I play guitar and needed a good non-commercial FX processor to turn my PC into
a little guitar studio to improve my knowledge of guitar FX and such.

I "apt-got" ecamegapedal and ecasound (debian woody here), I then deinstalled
them and downloaded and installed the latest source releases
(ecamegapedal-0.3dev1 and ecasound-2.2.0-rc1)... but still I have a problem:
Everything works fine except I can't use ecamegapedal as a realtime effects
processor! It works totally amazing when I set <Input> to a wav file, but
when I choose "arts" as input AND output it does just nothing. My guitar
keeps producing the same clean sound no matter which effect I choose.

My soundcard is an OPL3SA2 and it should be full-duplex, as I can hear using
software like GNUITAR, ExEf, Stompbox2 ecc ecc. I just wanted to use the
superior capabilities of ecasound. Oh and I also tried to test ecasound from
the command line with something like:

$: ecasound -i:arts -o:arts -a:felipe -c

That works, although the signal I get is a bit delayed, maybe there's some
argument I could pass to have it adjust the output...

BTW the real important thing to me was to have a good and intuitive
guitar-FX-oriented interface to ecasound, and I think ecamegapedal is the way
to go. Please could you help me? I'm attaching some output I get when I start
ecamegapedal or ecasound.

Best Regards and Keep Up This Good Work!


PS: I also tried other ecasound related software, like tapiir and tkeca... but
they look more like mixers and I just want a realtime effects processor ;-)

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