RE: [linux-audio-user] Re: AIFF files batch-slicing

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Subject: RE: [linux-audio-user] Re: AIFF files batch-slicing
Date: Sun Jul 04 2004 - 03:38:25 EEST

Rick Taylor wrote:
} > I'm pretty sure that each platform has a program that's capable.
} I hope one single will match all the three platforms. That's why I've been
} thinking of scientific software which is more programming-oriented than
} audio editors.

 I had the impression that this was an ongoing thing rather than a one shot.
 Like it was to be part of a program or something.

 My audio files run from 8 minutes to around an hour... {If it's something I
wrote this year... it's a minimum half an hour. {It's templated to some
degree.}} I have done a batch conversion of both of my audio drives {700 songs
at last count, many gigs of loops and a huge number of samples.} in 3-4 hours.
{6-8 hours in Monkeys Audio to compress them all to .ape for a backup} That
includes resampling from whatever each file is set to... to 24/48 {this last
time}, whatever dithering is necessary, probably a plugin or two, normalization,

 {It's feasable that you could apply some sort of filter to the whole bunch so
as to recreate the whole library in a new and radically different form. I've
actually done this several times in the past few years simply for the sake of
seeing what I could come up with. The transformation is the least time
consuming part... You have any idea how long it takes just to audition and
organize that much audio? {Sometimes you get something intact that's as good or
better than the original... most of the time it's just an easy way to come up
with largeish samples.}}

 Anyway... Once you got the settings down... regioning is about as time
consuming as opening the file and closing it. Processing time is so low as to
be irrelevant. Both Soundforge and Wavelab do batch processing {Tho' I don't
actually remember if they do regioning... It's nothing you couldn't do with a
batch file in a minute or so...} ...they'll even do autonaming and saving, etc.

 Why don't you just do it or have someone with a win machine and a copy of
either program do it and get your folk to do the sorting and all of the cleanup
and optimization that you're bound to require. ...*That* will be the time
consuming part. You can easily have the files processed by morning.

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Date: 03-Jul-2004
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