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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] yeah
Date: Mon Jul 05 2004 - 09:03:41 EEST

} > best is going to get "poo-pooed" by the Cubase and Pro-Tools
} > supremacists... It could give linux another exceptional tool.
} You're not joking about the ProTools snobs.

 I'm not calling them snobs. The limited exposure I have to protools {free on
'98 and the stuff that comes with Avid} has all been really good. It's an
excellent product as far as I can tell. I'm just talking about the closed minded
attitude that folk tend to get... Their refusal to entertain other ideas {Like
the response you get when you mention linux as a valid platform for multimedia}

 ...Podium could be the best, most original and most happenin' program going...
{I do think it's a damned good program} and it wouldn't go anywhere simply
because it's not Cubase or whatever happens to be the "best" at any particular

 Unfortunately most of society seems to be a victim of this dire and terrible
illness... {At least it seems that way to me most of the time.}

 Like a lot of excellent programs out there it won't go anywhere near as far as
it deserves to... I'm still surprised that Live has gotten as far as it has. :}
I sort of wonder how Melodyne is doing as far as sales go. It strikes me as
massively strange that Squeak and Visual Works aren't on every desktop in
America. {...Maybe not "every" desktop.} I still wonder why AmiPro just fizzled
and why Aldus had to fold. {We won't even mention Corel}

 {'Course I also wonder why Display never became wildly popular {video
editing in dos in the early '9os} and why VIPs doesn't ship with the gimp
package... :}}

} I'm not "Mr. Pro Audio/Video" by any means, but my encounters with such in
} casual settings show a very high penetration of ProTools in those areas, and
} they are of the mind that nothing else worth considering exists.
} It is well-made, purpose-built, and clean. Back in the dark ages when I
} used to design RAID stuff, I used to work with digidesign on latency issues
} to/from storage subsystems in the early days when thermal recalibration
} could cause audio recording problems.

 What are you saying here?
E-Mail: RickTaylor_AT_Speakeasy.Net
Date: 05-Jul-2004
Time: 00:33:57

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