Re: [linux-audio-user] ogg confusion

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] ogg confusion
From: Pete Harlow (
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 09:48:12 EEST

 From man oggenc:

Set bitrate management mode. This turns off the normal VBR
    encoding, but allows hard or soft bitrate constraints to be
enforced by the encoder. This mode is much slower, and may also
be lower quality. It is primarily useful for creating files for

Specifying a maximum and average bitrate, and enforcing these.
oggenc infile.wav --managed -b 128 -M 160 out.ogg



Robert Jonsson wrote:
> On Tuesday 06 July 2004 14.35, Jan Depner wrote:
>>That sets the nominal bitrate. What you are seeing is the actual
>>bitrate for sections that don't need to be encoded at 128. In other
>>places it will go above 128. Play your .ogg on xmms and watch the
>>bitrate display. I don't use the -b switch when I encode. I normally
>>just use -q 5.
>>On Tue, 2004-07-06 at 04:19, Atte André Jensen wrote:
>>>I'm trying out oggenc under linux/unstable, but I'm confused! Using
>>>"oggenc -b 128" ends with a file with bitrate around 60-70 acording the
>>>the report printed by oggenc...
> If I remember correctly vorbis does not have a constant bitrate option. The -b
> is probably used only for "hinting" at which bitrate you wish to have. It
> could very well be as Jan suggests, it will get higher after a while, or it's
> simply a bug.
> Anyway you are probably better of using the -q switch.
> For your information. Testing done lately
> suggests that the alternative vorbis encoder
> gives superior quality (to the
> standard encoder, and pretty much anything else).
> /Robert

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