Re: [linux-audio-user] Finale for Linux

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] Finale for Linux
Date: Thu Jul 08 2004 - 23:48:38 EEST

On 08-Jul-2004 Them wrote:
} It was only a couple of years that ago that people started taking Linux
} seriously for graphics work, and it is becoming more and more prominent
} especially in the motion picture post-production/visual FX industry...
} open source/free software even, not just ports of commercial
} applications. I can only hope that people will start taking Linux for
} audio use seriously... especially for the starving musician who can;t
} afford to shell out $500 for Finale or $700 or more for DAW software.

 Linux is an excellent solution for 2d graphics. {Tho' convincing the Photoshop
acolyte of this is beyond difficult.}

 Animation {2d} flash, svg} is lacking ...Tho' it's getting attended to and
getting better.} I don't think there's a usable professional solution yet.
There is java but that's not going to appeal to many folk. There's Moho but no
one's ever heard of it.

 Video... needs much work. It would be nice if Avid would port. Main Actor is
pretty good... though convincing folk of that is something similar to the
photoshop thing. Kdenlive looks like it will be a good solution very soon.
Cinelerra seems to me to be a solution for folk building systems.

 3d... There's a lot of solutions.

 The reason that Linux is taken seriously as a multimedia platform is because
you can run Softimage and Maya on it. {I can't afford Softimage. I'm not
interested in Maya}

 I'm surprised that the SGI ports of Inventor, etc don't get more press {or
use}. openh323, openexr, theora or dirac don't get more press or attention.

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Date: 08-Jul-2004
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