[linux-audio-user] Re: Mandrake Packages

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Subject: [linux-audio-user] Re: Mandrake Packages
From: ejbjr (ejbjr_AT_themusenashville.com)
Date: Sat Jul 24 2004 - 02:25:51 EEST

>} To be the quintesential dumb bunny again...So on MDK, I would use
>} Kpackage to install MDK rpm's only? Or could I use .deb or RH or what
>} ever other packages to install to my MDK system? I know this is a
>} stretch even as I write it. But I've written it....and what is written
>} must be ........sent!
> I don't know... I think Mandrake's pretty particular. You can't escape all of
>the Mandrake rpms on the net though... I doubt you'd have a problem.
Is it even possible to download a Mandrake RPM?
Every time I try to download an audio package from a Mandrake repository
it complains that I don't have the necessary dependency packages
installed on my internet machine, and asks me to insert one of more of
the Mandrake 9.2 discs into my cdrom drive. After installing packages I
don't really want on my internet machine, I click on the download link
and it *INSTALLS* the package I want to put on my audio machine at home
on my internet machine. YUCK.
Is there any way to download these packages so I can burn them to a CD
and bring them home to my audio machine? Or maybe repackage them from
the installed copy?
My audio machine at home is not on the internet, and never will be due
to the presence of unreleased audio tracks - no network connection is
the most reliable firewall ever created.
Evey time I move a desktop machine I always have trouble getting it back
up and running again. I have quite a few friends who do this regularly,
but they have custom built machines in shock mounted cases (as my next
one will be; my current machines are rebuilt slavage in commercial cases).

                                         e. j. branagan
                                         The MUSE - Nashville, TN

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