Re: [linux-audio-user] CPU clock - beware

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Subject: Re: [linux-audio-user] CPU clock - beware
From: tim hall (
Date: Sat Jul 24 2004 - 05:27:15 EEST


I just re-read your mail and then re-read my motherboard manual.
So I'm running with an effective fsb of 66.8MHz [penny]
That's what I get with the default settings of JP29 & JP23 on the motherboard
[duh] If I was to jumper them at, say 5-6 & 3-4 respectively, this would give
me host clock 3x (100 - 124MHz) [er] which I assume would then show up in the
BIOS? [oh] could I then set it to the specified 100MHz x 6 ?:-]
I assume that's what my system would prefer.
[ps] One day I might get the hang of this hardware stuff. [clunk]

I realise this is probably elementary stuff for most of you.
It's a flippin' revelation for me :-)

Little note for Steve Harris:
If I'm right, this means I've been successfully running JAMin on a severely
_underclocked_ Celeron 600, so stick that in your minimum system
requirements ;-]

thanks for your patience & assistance.

tim hall

Last Saturday 24 July 2004 01:42, I went:
> Last Friday 23 July 2004 22:32, Rick B was like:
> >        Yes, I would think that you would notice a big difference. If
> > before adjusting you had a 66.8mhz fsb x 3.5 multiplier = 233.8mhz and
> > after you have a 66.8mhz fsb x 8.0 = 566mhz.
> Great, thanks for confirming that.
> > You might want to check and
> > see if you have a fan on your cpu (I have a 566mhz that doesn't), if not
> > and you do notice instability adding one would probably fix it. Also if
> > you dont have a fan now, adding one for $10 is a cheap way to  overclock
> > it.
> I do have a fan on it, although I could probably fit a bigger quieter one
> in. I'm not interested in overclocking as such, just getting the
> straightforward best performance.
> > I'm wondering though, where does the 100mhz fsb you mentioned come
> > in? You will either have a 66.8mhz fsb times a multiplier or a 100mhz
> > fsb times a multiplier
> These fluffy figures probably come from my misunderstanding of the manual.
> CPU Freq: 600MHz
> CPU Ratio: 6x (?)
> CPU FSB: 100MHz
> It also says: Warning: Intel 810/810DC-100 chipset supports a maximum of
> 100MHz CPU FSB blah ...
> I think from the jumper settings that the display cache runs at the same
> speed, there's nothing to suggest there's any value in pushing it.
> So far I'm not seeing any instability, so I'll stick with this and see how
> it goes.
> >         As far as memory goes, I think most people that read this list
> > would agree that you can never have to much. When you run out of
> > physical ram and have to swap to disk it slows the machine waaayy down
> > (and causes dropouts).
> And dropouts, right. This is now my biggest (but not insurmountable)
> problem, which can obviously be fixed by throwing some cash at it when I
> get some. That's a Win AFAIC :-)
> Thanks for increasing my understanding of this subject.
> tim hall

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