[linux-audio-user] CPU clock - Coppermining

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Subject: [linux-audio-user] CPU clock - Coppermining
From: tim hall (tech_AT_glastonburymusic.org.uk)
Date: Sun Jul 25 2004 - 15:34:02 EEST

Last Sunday 25 July 2004 03:53, Rick B was like:
> >I think I might read it now. I'm a bit confused as to why my system thinks
> >it's running a 896MHz CPU, But so far there's no overt signs that it isn't
> >happy, so I'll prod it a bit and see ;-)

> Yeah that's close enough to 900mhz for me. Some cpu's are noted as being
> good overclockers, but, hell, that's a free 50% overclock! The new sweet
> spot for OCer's is the mobile athlon 2500/2600 (~$90US), out of the box
> they are ~1800 to 1900mhz and are easily hitting 2500mhz on air cooling
> with just a little extra voltage. The Pentium 2.4b's were easily hitting
> 3Ghz.

>From what I've just read it seems the Celeron Coppermines may not be rated
performance-wise, but they overclock to 900MHz like it was a perfectly
natural thing to do. If my clock ratio is fixed to 9x, this would explain.

It's running a little warmer than at 66.8MHz x 8 = 566, (? clock ratio) but
nothing you could cook on. I've installed cpuburn to my HD, really I want to
run it from a floppy, like memtest86. Just in case ;-)

AFAICT, so long as I keep it cool enough, it could well be stable at this
setting. TBH I'd say it's actually performing like a well tuned 600. Which is
what I want. We will see :-] I think it helps that I'm using harmonic ratios
based on the recommended defaults.

How hot is too hot? I've got my warning level set to 50deg in the BIOS and I
still don't think I'm running under 40. It's hard to tell without rebooting,
unfortunately although I have both the hardware and software for i2c & hwmon
they're not talking at present. Again, it's something I never really bothered
with before. Most of the heat is coming off the power supply.

What started out as an idle comment has turned into a bit of a journey of
discovery! Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.


tim hall

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