[linux-audio-user] CPU clock - Coppermining

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Subject: [linux-audio-user] CPU clock - Coppermining
From: tim hall (tech_AT_glastonburymusic.org.uk)
Date: Mon Jul 26 2004 - 18:15:04 EEST

Last Monday 26 July 2004 03:50, Ryan Underwood was like:
> Yeah, definitely overclocked. There are no Celerons with 128KB cache
> that run with a 100Mhz bus, AFAIK.

> > This is what I guessed, I'm using the values specified in the manual for
> > a Coppermine FC-PGA 600, so:

> Oops. They could be referring to a PIII Coppermine, you know...


It's listed under the heading of Intel Pentium II - Is this different from
what I have? I have to admit to have been very trusting of the set-up,
naively as it had been set up by the local computer shop. Perhaps they did
know what they were doing after all and decided to leave it set to defaults
and give it away rather than bothering trying to resell it :-] I'm confused.

> > at 3x clock ratio I get:
> > CPU (I assume this is FSB) 100
> > PCI 33
> > AGP 66
> > The display cache runs at 100MHz too, a 1:1 ratio seems logical.
> 1:1 CPU<->AGP ratio? That's not going to work well at 100MHZ FSB.

It's what the manual recommends and it seems happy enough so far.
Some of the screensavers are making me a bit giddy though ;-)
The maximum temperature I've achieved is 45 degC running xscreensaver for
several hours with the case on, which won't even keep my coffee warm.
I'm running it with the lid off just in case anyway, until I get round to
putting a fan on the ?north bridge? as my housemate suggests - I assume
that's the bit that gets vaguely warm. Memtest86 is perfectly happy too. I'm
not sure when I'll get time to properly stress test it, so I might just put
the jumpers back the way they were for now, fiddly inaccessible things though
they are in this tiny micro ATX case.

> > I think I might read it now. I'm a bit confused as to why my system
> > thinks it's running a 896MHz CPU, But so far there's no overt signs that
> > it isn't happy, so I'll prod it a bit and see ;-)
> 897MHz is just the FSB * 9. It doesn't run exactly at 100MHz because it
> would be impossible to do so while maintaining synchronicity with a
> 33MHz PCI bus. 33MHz is actually 33.something, so you end up with
> 99.something when the FSB is running at 3x the PCI frequency.

Yup, I figured.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

tim hall

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