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> On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 11:49, Tom Charles-Edwards wrote:
> > Hi all,
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> > newbie alert:
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> > I'm looking for some basic info about the system path, e.g. what its for, how it relates to read/write/execute privileges for directories, and tips on what to do/not to do - particularly in terms of installing and running applications.
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> Not really much to it. The system PATH is where the system searches
> for commands. As far as privileges are concerned you just have to have
> execute privileges to the executables and directories. Generally, both
> directories and executables are 755 (rwxr-xr-x). Most tar.gz packages
> will install by default in /usr/local/bin - which is normally in your
> Jan


Thanks for that.

If software installs into my home directory instead is that a sign of something horrible happening, or am I OK simply copying the application across to /usr/local/bin and carrying on as normal? I take it putting my home directory in the system path is not the way forward, on security grounds.

I was also wondering about editing the system path. From what I can gather from a cursory google the system path can be edited temporarily to affect a specific shell, or system-wide. The files that I've seen mentioned in this context are:


login.defs has 2 lines in it that seem to specify the system path (normal and su), but when I edit the line for the normal user and do echo $PATH there's no change to the system path.

Any thoughts?

Cheers, Tom


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