Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: VMWare for Music

From: Russell Hanaghan <hanaghan@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jun 07 2005 - 00:14:50 EEST

Alexandre DENIS wrote:

> ix@email-addr-hidden wrote:
>> > Well, what do the Wine people say about it? Did you submit a bug
>> > report?
>> certain things just arent implemented in WINE, or cause frequent app
>> freezes.
> More precisely, Wine is always one step behind. When Cakewalk needed
> NT4 emulation, Wine was good at running old win95 versions of
> Cakewalk; now that SONAR requires XP, Wine can hardly run old NT4
> versions.
> Running SONAR with Wine has been discussed many times on winhq and
> even on the Cakewalk forum. No luck, they are doing native Windows
> software and are not willing to do any effort to help SONAR run with
> Wine.
>> but we should be looking at why one would
>> want to use SONAR anyways
> I have used a dual-boot system for a long time: Windows for audio,
> Linux for anything else. Now, I want to switch to Linux even for
> audio, but I'm still in a transitional phase. I have been a Cakewalk
> user for 15 years since my old Cakewalk Apprentice, and thus I have
> accumulated a lot of audio work in Cakewalk format (not readable in
> any Linux software), with tracks using the Cakewalk Direct X plugins
> (Direct X, not VST, so no jack_fst or whatever).
> I know that using proprietary software sucks --that's why I am
> migrating to Linux even for audio-- but the transition is not as easy
> as I wanted. Using VMware is the only solution that actually works
> among my numerous tests. The second most promising solution is Qemu.
> Maybe I should try harder with Qemu instead of VMware.
> -a.
Ya gotta use what ya gotta use! I too have been a Cakewalk user for
several years now. Personally, over all for sequencing, recording, etc,
I think it's the most user friendly and solid Windows based audio app
out there. I am at a point where I'm now seeing the possibility of
transitioning all audio work to Linux but the sequencing side,
particulaly midi remixed play back with soft synths, Muse and Rosegarden
are not there yet. They are significantly closer than say 18mths ago so
I know the time will come. However, I rely on this stuff In a live
medium...that in which time is compressed into nano seconds and "dead
air" can culminate in the throwing of semi full beer bottles at the
chicken wire! And trying to esplain the magnitude of open source upsides
is lost on "Killer, the beer swilling redneck" as to why I'm not playin
"Fank Gawd I'm a country boy" or "I'm a Line man fer the kounty" right
freakin NOW~

A colorful, yet VERY real description for those who have / still play
the gig wherever it may be. Sonar has never let me down in that

My hope is that Muse / Rosegarden / Wired will be stable and intuitive
enough to allow me to do this from an all Linux platform in a live
scenario without risk by the end of this year...if not, the end of next

It's not a crime to use Windows based applications if you so choose. And
it's almost saint like (?) to be enthusiastically involved in Linux
audio to help breed some stiff competition for the "Almost only game in
town" proprietary based world.
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