Re: [linux-audio-user] Re: VMWare for Music

From: Alexandre DENIS <contact@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jun 07 2005 - 01:29:47 EEST

ix@email-addr-hidden wrote:

> > Well, what do the Wine people say about it? Did you submit a bug
> > report?
> certain things just arent implemented in WINE, or cause frequent app
> freezes.

More precisely, Wine is always one step behind. When Cakewalk needed NT4
emulation, Wine was good at running old win95 versions of Cakewalk; now
that SONAR requires XP, Wine can hardly run old NT4 versions.

Running SONAR with Wine has been discussed many times on winhq and even
on the Cakewalk forum. No luck, they are doing native Windows software
and are not willing to do any effort to help SONAR run with Wine.

> but we should be looking at why one would
> want to use SONAR anyways

I have used a dual-boot system for a long time: Windows for audio, Linux
for anything else. Now, I want to switch to Linux even for audio, but
I'm still in a transitional phase. I have been a Cakewalk user for 15
years since my old Cakewalk Apprentice, and thus I have accumulated a
lot of audio work in Cakewalk format (not readable in any Linux
software), with tracks using the Cakewalk Direct X plugins (Direct X,
not VST, so no jack_fst or whatever).

I know that using proprietary software sucks --that's why I am migrating
to Linux even for audio-- but the transition is not as easy as I wanted.
Using VMware is the only solution that actually works among my numerous
tests. The second most promising solution is Qemu. Maybe I should try
harder with Qemu instead of VMware.

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