Re: [linux-audio-user] jack-rack wish-list

From: Christoph Eckert <>
Date: Sun Jun 12 2005 - 13:16:34 EEST


> My apologies for cross-posting. This message is intended
> for jack-rack maintainers:

I just filed the ideas as RFEs on the sourceforge project
page. ([1] & [2])

> First off, I think jack-rack is awesome app and I have been
> using it quite regularly.

Seconded. It made me unpack my acoustic guitar which I haven't
played for years. Great fun, except for my neighbours :) .

> As a result, I've come up with a
> small suggestion/wish-list for this wonderful app:
> 1) it would be awesome if jack-rack, once it gets bounced
> by jackd (for whatever reason), would have an option to
> restart with the same, already open settings file, while
> recreating existing connections.

Seconded again. This would not only be useful for jack-rack
but for many other applications as well.

> I am simply saying this as
> it has been quite stressful to have to close the app,
> reopen it, open the settings file, and then re-hook
> everything in jack right before the performance (and nearly
> impossible during one) when the clock is ticking and
> audience getting restless. :-)

The situation is getting worse if you use more than one app
and you have to restart JACK itself. Then you have to reload
a lot of files into all applications and to redo a lot of
MIDI and JACK connections. If each particular application
could (maybe optionally) remember

* the last loaded file
* the last used MIDI connections
* the last used JACK connections

this could simplify the usage a lot.

Because applications can even crash, the settings mentioned
above could be written to the configuration file immediately
when changing them ("crash saveness" as Ardour provides).

Furthermore, from a users POV I wonder if it would be possible
to redesign the JACK-thread of an application so it doesn't
need to be restarted as soon the JACK connection gets lost.
Wouldn't it be possible to make an application automatically
reconnecting to JACK as soon as it got kicked, and as soon as
JACK gets stopped or restarted to display an alert box "It
seems that JACK has been stopped. Waiting for JACK to

It may sound like nitpicking, but for users, especially new
users, the points above could really be one little more step
to improve linux audio usage.

Thanks & best regards


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