[linux-audio-user] debian sarge // g4 titanium powerbook // sound

From: jason kahn <kahn@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Fri Jun 17 2005 - 21:26:52 EEST

hi list
first of all, thanks for all those who sent answers.
some more questions:

> you should install one a the last kernel-multimedia : apt-get install
> kernel-multimedia or use synaptic to find one, Alsa will be already
> configured.
is there such a kernel for ppc? i wrote to the demudi list and
apparently they are still working on a ppc distribution, but with no
release date in sight.
is there a so-called multimedia kernel for ppc available somewhere else?

i now have sound working with alsa drivers. well, at least it works with
pd. i still can't listen to cds.
another problem is, the system sound configuration doesn't seem to get
saved. that is, when i re-start i have to run
mopprobe snd-powermac
then i can use the alsa mixer and pd audio runs. there seems to be no
way now to control sound, aside from using the alsa mixer.
where should i go from here?
thanks again.
best regards
jason kahn
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