Re: [linux-audio-user] debian sarge // g4 titanium powerbook // sound

From: tim hall <tech@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Jun 18 2005 - 10:40:43 EEST

Last Friday 17 June 2005 19:26, jason kahn was like:
> > you should install one a the last kernel-multimedia : apt-get install
> > kernel-multimedia or use synaptic to find one, Alsa will be already
> > configured.
> is there such a kernel for ppc? i wrote to the demudi list and
> apparently they are still working on a ppc distribution, but with no
> release date in sight.
> is there a so-called multimedia kernel for ppc available somewhere else?

You'll probably have to roll your own at this stage.

> i now have sound working with alsa drivers. well, at least it works with
> pd. i still can't listen to cds.

Check device permissions and boot-time options. I have to append "hdc=ide-scsi
max_scsi_luns=1" to my /etc/lilo.conf. That's because I'm running scsi over
IDE, I'm not familiar with what is typical for ppc. I'm still running LILO on
this machine on an 'ain't broke' basis. Configuring GRUB is possibly
similar ?/

> another problem is, the system sound configuration doesn't seem to get
> saved. that is, when i re-start i have to run
> mopprobe snd-powermac
> alsaconf
> then i can use the alsa mixer and pd audio runs. there seems to be no
> way now to control sound, aside from using the alsa mixer.
> where should i go from here?

try putting
into /etc/modules - it should then load at boot-time, which gives you an even
chance of alsa autoconfiguring itself.

It's really worth keeping tabs on A/DeMuDi developments here. At some point
soon there will be a ppc kernel available for testing, even now you could
probably pick up a lot of useful tips, don't be put off by the lack of a
release date. Your experiences would also be very helpful to the DeMuDi-ppc
developers. Please keep us posted.


tim hall
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