[linux-audio-user] Re: What parts of Linux audio simply suck ?

From: Fabricio Rocha <rocha_fabricio@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 07:12:05 EEST

Well... Do you guys accept the two cents from a novice user?

In fact I think I am not exactly a complete novice, but I am not a
developer and, although I have a lot of ideas and suggestions, I just
don´t have the skill and the time for getting my hands dirty of code.
This said, I would point some things I think could be better:

1) Realtime - Man, having to recompile the kernel for having realtime
support is not a trivial task for the average computer user. I hope that
new distros will have this module enabled by default, or at least available.

2) JACK is wonderful and I hope it keeps in evolution. I wish it can be
less machine-hungry (with fewer xruns) and that the JACK transport
feature support tempo changes someday soon.

3) I had a LOT of problems until I could record audio in my Audigy 2ZS
card, and I think it was a problem with the Linux mixers. None of them
had proper support for the EMU10K1 ALSA driver, until I could get the
guts with Alsamixer. And, in fact, I still have not found a really good
way for controlling sound output for all of my 5.1 speakers. I think
it´s not fair to blame the Linux developers for that. But, indeed, big
hardware companies, like Creative Labs, which still insist in giving
only Windoze support for their products. Just look at their open-source
webpage and you will know how much they collaborate with the open-source

4) There are already a good number of interesting music apps for
GNU-Linux, like Ardour, Rosegarden and Hydrogen; but they surely have
some steps to walk yet. I wish I can help their development in some way.


Fabricio Rocha
Brasilia, Brasil

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