Re: [linux-audio-user] What parts of Linux audio simply suck ?

From: Christoph Eckert <>
Date: Mon Jun 20 2005 - 11:19:30 EEST

> While I agree, I do recognize that OSS provides a nice,
> consistent cross-Unix interface for audio.  There is lots
> of value in that.

I agree that OSS has two advantages:

* easy to use via /dev/dsp and /dev/midi
* Cross-Platform

But I also agree that ALSA has lots of advantages over OSS.

> There's something sort of unfortuante about the "L" in

Yep, it is, but I'm just happy about this. Maybe some day it
will happen that ALSA will spread on other systems, too. I
know that this is a licencing problem, BTW.

Best regards

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