Re: [linux-audio-user] ubunto + realtime performance

From: Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer <perezmeyer@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jun 21 2005 - 00:49:21 EEST

El lun, 20-06-2005 a las 11:14, Michal Seta escribió:
> Atte André Jensen <atte.jensen@email-addr-hidden> writes:
> > Hi
> >
> > I'm currently running debian/unstable with my home-made-but-unpatched
> > kernel 2.6.11-10, but is considering switching to ubunto.
> Why?
> > 1) How well will ubunto with stock kernel perform in realtime (csound)
> > compared to debian with hand-made-but-unpatched kernel?
> I don't think there will be any difference. I have installed ubuntu
> on a machine (because it was the only distro that worked on that
> particular hardware out-of-the-box) and I cross-bred it with Demudi
> and Debian (which has created a whole other set of conflicts and
> problems).

<just guessing>

I think it's an Ubuntu problem, cause in my machine I have Sarge +
DeMuDi via apt-cdrom. It worked perfectly smooth.
I also readed some guys having problems using Debian repositories
instead of Ubuntu's ones in Ubuntu.

Note: with this I _don't_ want to say that Ubuntu isn't good, just
pointing out some "incompatibilities", if they may be called like that.

</just guessing>

Cheers, Damian.-

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