Re: [linux-audio-user] apps for practicing improvisation

From: Hartmut Gehrke-Tschudi <hgtschudi@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jun 21 2005 - 19:12:55 EEST

Burkhard Woelfel schrieb:

> On Sunday 19 June 2005 23:56, Jeremiah Benham wrote:
> >On Sun, Jun 19, 2005 at 07:27:26PM -0100, Gilles Degottex wrote:
> >>I'm looking for softwares to practice improvisation, chords grids,
> >>beat/mesures following, etc.
> >I praqctice improvising by recording myself comping. I usually do this
> >in audacity. Then I select sections I may want to work on. If I want a
> >slower version I just record it slower. This sounds like a pain in the
> >butt but it just gives me more practice at playing the chord changes. I
> >believe that this will ultimately help me to play around the changes
> >because I will know them better from playing them more often. Then I can
> >overdub my improvisation to later pick out things that I did that I
> >thought were cool. So many time I improvise but can't remeber what I
> >played after I finished.
> Singing your lines unisono can help you memorize stuff a little
> better. I'm
> sure it will also add to your playing itself.
> I like your approach. Did you ever try it the other way round?

Did you ever try
Its the free MMA (Musical MIDI Accompaniment) prog. I use it to
practice improvisation. I like it. It`s quite easy. You just edit a text
file with your chords, p.e.:
1 G
2 D
3 Em
4 C
it reads even more sophisticated Jazzchords, like p.e. Bb-5#9, Gdim C+

The program is Perl as I understand. It produces a midi-file out of your
text file.
This you can load into Rosegarden or noteedit -- or just play with "pmidi"
There comes a Tutorial for Quickstart. Plus a Reference Manual.
It doesn`t take more than 30 min to get it running.

Here is an example file
// =============== Start of File - Let it Be ===============
// ============== Author of this File: Ralf Koenig =========

Tempo 130

Groove Metronome2-4
    z * 2

Groove 8Beat


1 G
2 D
3 Em
4 C

5 G
6 D
7 C / Bm Am7
8 G

9 G
10 D
11 Em
12 C

13 G
14 D
15 C / Bm Am7
16 G


17 Em
18 D
19 C
20 G

21 G
22 D
23 C / Bm Am7
24 G


RepeatEnd 3

// End of File

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