[linux-audio-user] Realtime kernels, and Debian

From: Fabricio Rocha <rocha_fabricio@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 01:46:53 EEST

        Is there anything I´m missing?? When I wrote "recompile the
kernel for having realtime" I was thinking about simply what I have done
-- download the kernel-sources-2.6.11 package from a Debian repository,
run "make xconfig", toggling capabilities, marking the Realtime-LSM
option, and loading the "realtime" module "gid=29" (Debian "audio"
group) for running JACK as non-root. I´ve heard about patches for
realtime, but only for 2.4.x kernels. Are there OTHER patches for 2.6.x

       Well, event if that´s true, it still means (even more)
complication for having realtime, and I still think this is not exactly
the usability expected by a normal multimedia user who would like to
move to GNU-Linux. I hope that all the big distros adopt realtime
capabilities as a default in their kernels, so the music apps should
simply invoke something like "modprobe realtime", and "voilá", you´ve
got a realtime system for your music.

       By the way, as there is a topic about Debian/DeMuDi/Ubuntu, I run
Kurumin Linux, a installable-live-CD Brazilian distro based in
Knoppix/Debian. I have installed the 2.6.11 kernel and lots of apps from
testing and unstable Debian. I use it for all my daily computing needs,
never had a serious bug, and it has been working fine for music. Would
there be really any advantage in using DeMuDi?

Thanks and regards!

Fabricio Rocha
Brasilia, Brasil

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