[linux-audio-user] Hydrogen ALWAYS starts recording from the middle

From: Fabricio Rocha <rocha_fabricio@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Jun 25 2005 - 06:57:45 EEST


        Sorry for the people who have read this post in other forums, but it´s urgent...

        I don´t know what did I do wrong, but since somewhere in time, I can´t convince Hydrogen 0.9.2-beta3 to start playing from the beginning of a song while a try to record a track in Rosegarden. When I set JACK Transport on, and press Play in Rosegarden from the start of the music, both Rosegarden and Hydrogen play in perfect sync. But I want to record the rhythm guitar again. I carefully set the cursor to bar 0 in both apps. But when I press the Record button, Hydrogen jumps to bar 47 (or something near that). EVERY TIME! It does not work closing everything and rebooting. I tried to create a new project in Rosegarden and the problem persisted. Have you pals had any experience like that??


Fabricio Rocha

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