[linux-audio-user] "Call for an Online-Demonstration against Software Patents"

From: Jens Radloff <plixplox@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 11:45:39 EEST


Let me inform you about the online demonstration against the
patentability of software (=software patens) which the Commission of
the European Union wants to introduce. As far as I understand the
process of passing the appropriate bill in the institutions of the EU,
the patentability of software could be possible from July 2005 on.

There is a site, run by among others Attac Germany, where you can
protest against this, by uploading a picture of yourself:


"So far  3883 people have demonstrated here. The more people
participate, the clearer a joint picture of the protest will be shown.
Short before the decision in the European Parliament we will print this
picture on a huge banner and show it in front of the European
Parliament in Strasbourg. This way you can also be a part of the
international demonstration."




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