Re: [linux-audio-user] Best(saving *time* and some money) linux souncard for a laptop

From: Chris Cannam <>
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 00:08:56 EEST

On Wednesday 29 Jun 2005 21:46, Christoph Eckert wrote:
> > 1) What soundcard do you recommend me? For me it's not a
> > problem to work a little bit more to win enough money but I
> > don't want to lose my time finding and testing unstable or
> > non supported drivers.
> USB. Edirol devices usually work well. Or the Tascam US-122
> which has an own driver in the kernel.

Maybe the Echo Indigo I/O? A nice, affordable, reliable, well-supported
stereo mini-jack in/out PCMCIA (sorry, CardBus) card.

It will almost certainly give you better performance and less hassle
than a USB device, but you won't get much hardware flexibility, you'll
obviously get minimal i/o capacity, you won't get balanced i/o or even
1/4" jacks, and the SNR ratio might not be quite as good -- though it
will still be pretty damn good all things considered.

Maybe better for on-the-road recording than an effects box, but worth a

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