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From: John Mulholland <johnmulholland@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Sat Jul 02 2005 - 00:16:52 EEST

I am the person responsible for

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am twenty six, and a sometime
student living in Southampton, UK. I live and breathe music, and I guess
I would be referred to as a geek by most of my friends.

I registered the domain sometime ago. Until about two weeks ago the site
was actually quite broad. There was a glossary, downloads, a reading
lists, downloads (culled from sharewaremusicmachine) and lots and lots
of news items (creative commons, p2p, patents, stuff like that.) I was
working on getting the site to show in several different languages
(using a tool called mamblefish) when it all went badly wrong.

The server guys have kindly provided me with a backup with which I am
looking to rebuild the site. There is some truth in the sentence that
the site is run by a group of volunteers. In as much as that there are
one or two other people who have expressed an interest. However, I have
done the vast majority of the work on my own. And (as I am by no means
an IT ninja, so this stuff takes me a long time) ... there has been many
sleepless nights.

I was just thinking about the site when I saw these emails pop up in

I would love it to be a community run (not for profit) site. This was
always my wish for the site. I think a mambo powered CMS could be of
great benefit. However, I have not so far had much luck in attracting
help. (This really is my fault as I am not very good at asking for
help.) If people are interested in developing the site and making use of
it as a community resource I would be delighted. I dont think I can do
it on my own. I have neither the time, money or knowledge needed to do
it justice. So far I have paid all the server bills, and I will be happy
to continue to do so for as long as I can afford.

Should there be no interest in developing the site this way then I think
I'll do the following. Write an introductory piece for the front page
for those new to open source computing, and then suggest three or four
programs for each section. And then leave it that.

I would like it to be used in the best possible way that benefits
others. I guess this list is the best place to raise the question about
its use. It's up to you all. I am not looking for any money from it. If
you are interested in helping please do get in touch.

Thanks all for the oppurtunity to introduce myself, and I hope this has
gone someway to answering those questions. As for the programs in the
wrong categories, yep thats all my fault.


Brett McCoy wrote:

> Jan Weil wrote:
>> Does anyone happen to know who's behind
>> <>?
>> "The site is run by a group of volunteers who devote lots of time, and
>> many many sleepless nights." seems a little vague...
> Why do they have Audacity listed under samplers and Ardour and Wired
> under sequencers? Actually, Rosegarden shouldn't be under sequencers
> either... it's far more than just a sequencer. I think 'DAW' would be
> a more accruate category for these...
> -- Brett
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> Programmer by day, Guitarist by Night
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