[linux-audio-user] A whole new type of project for me

From: Joe Hartley <jh@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jul 04 2005 - 18:29:47 EEST

A friend of mine has asked me to help him out with a film that he's
made. He needs me to help clean up the audio by evening out the sound,
highlighting the 3 spoken lines in the piece, and adding some original
music (which I'd already recorded for a mutual friend) at the end.

I'm sure I can do the audio tweaking he wants, but I am completely
new to working with video.

He's given me a DVD that says it's in the OpenDVD format, created using
MyDVD with AuthorScript by Sonic Solutions.

Can anyone point me to a Linux-based tool that will allow me to work
with the soundtrack on this type of DVD? I'm guessing that there's
more to this than ripping the audio somehow and manipulating it, then
throwing it back on with no thought to synchronization!

Thanks for any pointers folks can give me towards making this work.

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