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Date: Tue Jul 05 2005 - 02:40:58 EEST


> > On Mon, Jul 04, 2005 at 11:29:47AM -0400, Joe
> Hartley wrote:
> >
> > > Can anyone point me to a Linux-based tool that
> will allow me to work
> > > with the soundtrack on this type of DVD?
> >
You don't
> need fully-fledged
> video editing software for creating the audio for
> this.

If the movie is at final cut this is true. I'm also
assuming it is. A finished visual product makes the
audio engineering alot easier.

Ideally you will work with the original multitrack
audio sources. Working from the stereo mix that is on
the DVD is a big compromise.

> xjadeo + ardour has been used by at least a few
> people with good
> results.

It has worked well for me.

 xjadeo seems perfect except for one
> problem, it seems to be
> really picky about what type of video files it
> plays,

In fact it only plays one type of file. I think it's
an .avi wrapped in mp4. At any rate the instructions
for converting to the file type are included with the

 so you might need
> to transcode the video file to the correct format
> before being able to
> play it with xjadeo.

Producing a new DVD with the original visual files and
the new audio is the question mark in my mind. After
the audio is produced, throw away the xjadeo file and
burn a DVD with the new audio and original visual

I'm guessing the mencoder can strip out the orginal
audio. Of course do because xjadeo does this.

What tool would be useful to merge the audio and
visual back together with? I suppose their are many
possibilities including the GUI apps like Main Actor
and Cinelerra.

These are all tasks I'll be performing in the next
several weeks. I normally hand client audio off to a
video house but am doing my own movie and intend to
produce audio and video start-to-finish in house with
Linux tools. I hate to say this but these might be the
designs of a sadistic mind. The audio is simple but
video production looks massively confusing. Main Actor
might save my sanity. We'll see.

Hopefully Joe learns some things so I can pick his
mind. In fact I'm not working on my project until Joe
reports success in a new Movies Made with Linux wiki
forum with appropriate mailing lists and all the other
organizational jazz that we never cease to ponder.

Incidentally, the last soundscore I worked on played
in a feature slot during the opening of the new Walker
in Minneapolis. The Walker is a highly reguarded art
museum in the U.S. The audio was produced in its
entirety with Linux tools. I'm told the movie and its
audio recieved rave reviews. I'm so lame I'll have to
call the movie producer to figure out the name of the
film. lol Chalk up another small success for Linux

I digress for the moment but hope we get to compare


> The basic idea behind xjadeo is simple. It syncs to
> jack transport, so
> it will stay in sync with ardour. Or any other jack
> transport enabled
> software, like muse.
> --
> Sampo Savolainen <v2@email-addr-hidden>

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