Re: [linux-audio-user] midisport 2x2

From: Stephen Ceresia <chungkingmansions@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Mon Jul 04 2005 - 19:37:16 EEST

> I would think that you could take care of loading the module(s) in
> the right order with some combination of /etc/modprobe.conf (likely)
> and /etc/modprobe.preload (maybe). I had to do this to get my Delta
> 1010 to come 2nd behind my Soundblaster card.

I don't appear to have a modprobe.conf or modprobe.preload file. I'm
guessing this is part of the problem. Is there some way to generate
these files, or can I manually create them? What should they contain?

> What kernel did you upgrade from? Can't you just use lilo or grub to
> boot your previous kernel?

I upgraded from 2.6.8. I guess I could just boot to the previous one,
but I keep reading about all these great 'realtime' audio features of
2.6.12. :-) Also, I'd like to learn how to fix this problem. The
first time I got my Midisport working, I think it was more luck than
anything else...
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