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From: tim hall <tech@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Wed Jul 06 2005 - 11:41:51 EEST

Last Tuesday 05 July 2005 19:01, Carotinho was like:
> 1) I have to provide the sound service for an amateur rock band. The
> problems are the following:
>  - We have a pretty good 24 ch. mixer, but the only option is to plug every
> instrument directly to the mixer. Is this right for instruments like
> basses, or electric guitar, or what else?

Depends on the size of venue. You can run amplified instruments off the
backline, but it doesn't give you much control of the out-front sound. Most
engineers prefer band members to turn down on stage and let them control
volumes from the desk. If you have no multicore, I guess you'll be mixing
rather close to the stage as well.

>  - What's the difference between having a cable from the electric guitar
> amplifier line output and instead putting a microphone in front of it?

Air. Some guitarists' amps are an essential part of their sound. It depends
how fussy you want to be. The more mics you have on stage the more 'live' the
whole thing is going to be with respect to howlround potential.

>  - Since I believe we wont' have proper drums mic, but only a panoramic one
> and two or more "icecream" mics (I don't know the proper english words, I
> hope you understand), which is the best way to displace them around the
> drums?

I don't know about micing up drums. One on the bass, one on the snare/hats and
do your best with the rest. The panoramic may just cause lots of feedback
depends on circumstances.

>  -  The mixer has for every channel a Canon or alternatively a Jack input.
> What are they meant for? That is, is a Canon connection more suited e.g. to
> mics, or what else?

Canon connections don't suffer from extraneous hum as much as jacks. Use the
Canons if you can, they're altogether sturdier and more professional.

Good Luck!

tim hall
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