[linux-audio-user] [OT] Sound service and recording

From: Carotinho <carotinobg@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jul 05 2005 - 21:01:25 EEST


I'm new to this list, I've been lurking for some weeks, and I'm sorry to begin
with an OT...:)

But I need your knowledge, and I don't know where else to ask!:)

So, my question is divided in 2 parts.

1) I have to provide the sound service for an amateur rock band. The problems
are the following:
 - We have a pretty good 24 ch. mixer, but the only option is to plug every
instrument directly to the mixer. Is this right for instruments like basses,
or electric guitar, or what else?
 - What's the difference between having a cable from the electric guitar
amplifier line output and instead putting a microphone in front of it?
 - Since I believe we wont' have proper drums mic, but only a panoramic one
and two or more "icecream" mics (I don't know the proper english words, I
hope you understand), which is the best way to displace them around the
 - The mixer has for every channel a Canon or alternatively a Jack input.
What are they meant for? That is, is a Canon connection more suited e.g. to
mics, or what else?

2) Another job I have to do is to record a wind band playing live (40 players,
more or less), with 2 panoramic mics, with nothing more than a SbLive,
receiving mixer output, and Audacity (of course the system is a Slackware
Linux, so this is not really OT...:)
 - Apart from trying to avoid clipping when recording, do I need to set some
eq right in the mixer, or is this a job that can be safely done in
 - Which settings should I use for recording? I mean, 48Khz, 32 bit float, or
so, considering the audio card I'm using?

I wonder if it's worth trying recording also the rock band, without a
multitrack system...

Sorry for the long OT, I hope this won't get you angry!

Thanks in advance!


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