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From: Frode Haugsgjerd <froh@email-addr-hidden>
Date: Tue Jul 05 2005 - 23:43:06 EEST

tir, 05,.07.2005 kl. 20.01 +0200, skrev Carotinho:
> - We have a pretty good 24 ch. mixer, but the only option is to plug every
> instrument directly to the mixer. Is this right for instruments like basses,
> or electric guitar, or what else?
> - What's the difference between having a cable from the electric guitar
> amplifier line output and instead putting a microphone in front of it?

The speaker in a guitar amp colours the sound. You can plugg a guitar
amp speaker into a hifi system, and you'll hear that it sounds very
different compared to a hifi speaker. This colouring is concidered good
in guitar amps. Also you should read the ongoing "OT: Using Linux as
Bass amp / preamp" thread.

> - The mixer has for every channel a Canon or alternatively a Jack input.
> What are they meant for? That is, is a Canon connection more suited e.g. to
> mics, or what else?

The Canon or XLR connections are balanced inputs, meaning the signal and
shielding is not connected. This is supposed to prevent
electrical noise.
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