Re: [linux-audio-user]

From: Christoph Eckert <>
Date: Thu Jul 07 2005 - 01:08:04 EEST

> 1)- The Mambo theme you are using is not W3c approved. This
> could not be a problem except for the fact that the site is
> quite incompatible with Opera and Konqueror browsers. The
> real issue is Javascript...

...which is switched off on many browsers due to security
issues (and for popup blocking, of course :).

The page looaks horrible in konqueror, and not every novice
user will install and try firefox instead. I'd remove all the
JS specific stuff. Concerning JS, I think it's OK to use a
bit of JS if it doesn't affect the looks on other browsers
and as long the page can be still navigated without JS.

> 2)- I like the cut you give to You
> maybe will have community success... I really hope so! But
> be cool... Linux Audio Community seems to be really cold in
> everything is user friendly and in some way *newbe*
> oriented...

I do not agree generally :) . There are really huge efforts to
make linux audio more user friendly.

> especially forums and website communities...

It's not specific for audio ;-) .

> The preference is always mailing lists! This is my
> experience with
> 3)- I think I would add your RSS in I think
> altough that articles about programs should be a little bit
> longer than now... ;-)

I guess the page is currently under heavy development. I think
it's a very good idea to create such a page so novice users
can get an immediate overview over the most important linux
audio applications.

I'd like to share the following thoughts:

* I'd remove most of the JS code
* I'd resize the top level banner. It wastes lots of
screenspace. No prob here (1400x1050) but I guess there are
still citicens with 800x600 on the web
* OK, content will be done over time

I really like the idea so thanks for the work.

Best regards

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